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Project Management

Each organization has a mission, and within that mission are individual projects, typically temporary efforts with fixed deadlines. Doing the necessary work to complete these endeavors successfully, and within their cost and time restraints, is called project management. Harder than…

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A Brief History of the Internet

It’s probably hard for Millennials to imagine the world without netbooks, smart phones, streaming content and instant communication; yet, just twenty years ago, the digital gadgets we use everyday could only be found in the pages of science fiction…

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Secrets of a Tech Startup

In a stroke of brilliance, you’ve conceived a tech application that you’re sure will take the world by storm. The logical next step is to create a business around your concept. All successful tech businesses were born in…

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Advanced Search (Google) Techniques

Google — more specifically, Google Search — has revolutionized the way web users search for information, as well as the strategies website administrators employ when it comes to delivering online content. It is not only the most popular search engine in history…

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Facebook Privacy 101

Facebook has become an important presence in the lives of over a billion people around the world. Because of its increasing prevalence, competency in Facebook usage is an essential skill. It may seem simple if you’ve been on Facebook…



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