Hello and welcome to OnlineClasses.org! Our website is designed to help you meet your educational goals.

One way we do this is by providing you with suggestions for certifications and schools that match your own specific short- and long-term professional goals. We can do this only with the personal information you provide. So you know exactly how we’ll use that information, our privacy policy is outlined below.

Why do you need my personal information?

While browsing our resources, you may be asked to provide personal details like your name, sex, education level, location, hobbies, work history, etc. We also note your computer’s IP, operating system, and the pages on our site you enter and leave.

With this information, we and our affiliates can gauge the degrees, careers, and schools that best suit you and the rest of our audience. In addition, these details help us refine our process by monitoring and analyzing visitor patterns and trends and by including you in specific e-mail marketing campaigns, sending you information for schools that match your interests. Should you at any time wish to stop receiving emails, there are simple opt-out options, both in the e-mails we send and on the site itself.

Will you share my personal information?

Some sites sell contact information for unrelated marketing purposes. We are no such site. Any information we provide to an affiliate is strictly for marketing purposes, business purposes, email services, customer service inquiries, and analyzing the makeup of site visitors. In other words, only our staff and trusted and reputable affiliates will contact you, and only about programs that match your own interests.

In some rare instances, we may have no choice but to divulge your personal information. For example, if we are required to do so by law through a subpoena or government investigation; if we judge it to be in the interest of our employees’ and/or our customers’ safety; or if we engage in a merger, acquisition, purchase, or sale that requires us to disclose customer information. Please keep in mind that these are very rare instances.

How will you contact me?

With the information you provide, either we or our one of our affiliates will likely contact you. Efforts may be made by email, mail, phone, and via any other contact information you provide. Please keep in mind that federal Do Not Call Lists do not apply in these instances. Since you are willingly providing us with your information, we and our affiliates are granted a limited window of time for outreach.

How do I contact OnlineClasses.org?

Just as we can contact you, you can get a hold of us. If you have questions or suggestions about our services, please reach out to us by using the contact form on this page.

Effective as of May 31,2013