Every scientific discipline, including some of the more nascent examples, comes packed with its own rich history that students and professionals alike absolutely must know. Without intently researching where biology, physics, geology, astronomy, medicine and plenty of other related fields, one cannot possibly grasp the full spectrum of ideas and insights involved. The following blogs, listed in no particular order, provide an excellent start when it comes to exploring how the tenets of different scientific fields evolved over time. Do not consider this list as comprehensive, either — it seeks merely to showcase an eclectic selection focusing on different eras, figures, philosophies and practices. Plenty of other valuable resources exist out there that did not end up here; be sure to look for them as well!

Science History

  1. The Giant’s Shoulders: This monthly blog carnival revolves around sharing and discussing classic science papers and figures from many different points in history.

  2. Advances in the History of Psychology: Packed to the brim with documents, videos, papers and plenty of other resources, Advances in the History of Psychology provides an amazing, detailed glimpse of the subject.

  3. SHOTnews.net: Presented by the Society for the History of Technology, their official blog discusses both their happenings as well as the eponymous topic.

  4. Scientia Curiosa: Holly Tucker at Vanderbilt University blends science, history and medicine together into one intriguing — and relatively new — package.

  5. The British Society for the History of Science: Beyond the blog-style news feed, the rest of the website keeps visitors up to date with the latest publications, grant information, prizes, conferences, education and plenty more.

  6. Time to Eat the Dogs: Because the history of science and exploration intertwine, it certainly pays to understand how they have come to impact and be impacted by one another.

  7. Ether Wave Propaganda: Educators hoping to teach science and natural history would do well to hit up Ether Wave Propaganda, which peers into teaching, writing and thinking strategies to get the most out of the subject.

  8. False vacuum: a weblog by Aaron Sidney Wright: The author may not keep a terribly frequent update schedule, but all of his musings on science’s history and philosophies make for excellent reading.

  9. The History of Science at Scientific American: Read postings and articles, watch videos and get plenty more science history, courtesy of a trusted, accessible periodical.

  10. History of Science: Presented by multiple members of The Royal Society, this incredible blog boasts some incredibly informative, intelligent content on the history of science.

  11. Whewell’s Ghost: Learn all about the history and philosophies behind astronomy, biology, technology, chemistry and plenty of other disciplines through the seriously cool Whewell’s Ghost.

  12. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Centraal: Step into The Netherlands’ Golden Age of science and technology and explore everything it has to offer historical studies. It doesn’t update as frequently as some of the others here, but still warrants plentiful visits.

  13. Zoonomian: Inspired by Erasmus Darwin, Dr. Tim Jones’ blog dissects the relationship between biology and technology — including, of course, their history.

  14. Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science: Be sure to go beyond the blog for more information on the history of science and different events that may appeal to interested parties.

  15. Heterodoxology: Readers interested in learning about how the history of science overlaps with religion and politics would do well to pay Heterodoxology a visit.

  16. From the Hands of Quacks: Jaipreet Virdi at the University of Toronto keeps a fantastic blog about the history and philosophies of science and medicine.

  17. Entertaining Research: Peer into some incredibly interesting posts and book reviews regarding medicine, astronomy and plenty of other scientific topics.

  18. Non-Consensual Science: This seriously cool blog offers up excellent content on the history of science (obviously) along with popular science and its depiction in the media. Updates are sadly rare, but what it features is still worth reading.

  19. JOST A MON: Science, history, math, travel, art and literature (among other topics) collide in one intriguing, eclectic blog.

  20. Jeremy Norman’s HistoryofScience.com: An absolutely amazing blog and website crammed full of anything and everything that science history buffs will absolutely adore.

  21. Skulls in the Stars: A UNC Charlotte physics professor keeps an impressively engaging read about physics, history, optics and literature (specifically, pulp fiction) that draws in visitors of all types.

  22. The Bubble Chamber: Science history and philosophy buffs who enjoy politics should check out the thoroughly enjoyable the postings up at The Bubble Chamber.

  23. The Renaissance Mathematicus: Learn all about science and math through the eyes of 16th Century practitioners and philosophers at this stunning, stimulating resource.

  24. History of Science Blog: The British Library pulls from its extensive holdings to present science history fans with some absolutely amazing research. Its update schedule crawls in comparison to some, but the blog is still worth reading all the same.

  25. Quodlibeta: Visit Quodlibeta for insightful commentary on science, religion, history and their myriad, often tumultuous, interactions.

Natural History

  1. The Dispersal of Darwin: Though mostly about Charles Darwin and evolution, Michael D. Barton does sometimes delve into general science history topics as well.

  2. Evolving Thoughts: Anyone with an interest in the history and philosophies behind biology needs to check out Evolving Thoughts immediately. Plenty of musings on astronomy, religion and social science filter in as well.

  3. History of geology: David Bressen’s History of geology covers exactly what it says on the title — with some nice forays into biology as well.

  4. Island Nature: Through vivid photography and painstaking research, the passionate Dave Ingram shares the natural history of Vancouver Island.

  5. Darwin and Gender: The Blog: As its title states, this blog blends evolutionary biology, Darwinism and gender studies into one absolutely fascinating peek at one corner of natural history.

  6. Quigley’s Cabinet: Author Christine Quigley may hold a fascination with morbidity, but she shares some incredibly insightful research on life. Postings revolve around travel, natural history, biology, fossils and more.

  7. A Natural Evolution: A wide number of biological topics — including history, evolution, environmentalism and more — collide with discussions of religion and education.

  8. The Panda’s Thumb: Check out The Panda’s Thumb for insightful writings on evolution, biology, intersections between science and religion and plenty of other relevant topics.

  9. PALAEOBLOG: Follow the circle of life through, as the blog’s subtitle states, "Evolution. Extinction. Fossilization. Repeat." As one can expect, geological history and formation frequently slips into discussions as well.

  10. Charles Darwin’s Beagle Diary: Natural history buffs with a particular affinity for evolutionary biology and Darwinism will appreciate this blog that reprints his H.M.S. Beagle writings on the day they were originally penned.

  11. The Geology News Blog: Science doesn’t get more historical than geology, and hitting up this resource will yield plenty of excellent discussions and postings on the subject.

  12. The Red Notebook: The Friends of Charles Darwin presents a group blog discussing both the influential natural scientist, his work and what they mean to the world today.

  13. Afarensis: Anyone who enjoys science history as it pertains to evolutionary biology and anthropology would do well to pay Afarensis a visit.

  14. Opincon Natural History: The Queens University Biological Station in Ontario keeps visitors updated about the natural phenomena in the area, especially in regards to their past, present and possible future.

  15. Pharyngula: Follow the latest news and views on evolutionary biology, development and other relevant topics, courtesy of PZ Myers.

  16. BEYONDbones: Dinosaur lovers who enjoy delving deep into the planet’s past will certainly enjoy reading up on all the paleontological findings and expeditions conducted by Houston Museum of Natural Science.

  17. Islay Natural History Trust: Read all about the INHT’s efforts to preserve the natural integrity of their home and chronicle its rich biological history as well.

  18. The Beagle Project Blog: This nonprofit hopes to rebuild the famous H.M.S. Beagle for a new generation of scientists and explorers to appreciate.

  19. Cosmic Variance: Physicists and astrophysicists at Discover magazine plunge into how the universe works and keeps itself propelling forward.

  20. Natural History Photography Blog: Phillip Colla shares some amazing, dramatic photography pertaining to natural history; a perfect blog for science history buffs with a love and appreciation for art.

  21. the Hoopoe: The Natural History Book Store keeps its readers informed about awesome reads and equipment to help them indulge their passions.

  22. Catalogue of Organisms: This blog by entomologist Christopher Taylor delves into some incredible detail about the planet’s most fascinating life forms.

  23. Microecos: Marvel over some stunning photography and intelligent commentary on some creatures and habitats so tiny the human eye can barely register them — if at all!

  24. Bad Astronomy: Discover‘s Phil Plait offers up one of the most popular and respected blogs on astronomy around. Though it does not delve into astronomical history exclusive, the discipline itself revolves around the universe’s most ancient structures.

  25. Magma Cum Laude: Jessica Ball, a graduate at State University of New York at Buffalo, posts some very cool updates on volcanoes, volcanic activity and how they’ve shaped the planet so far — and how they may do so in the future.