Whether you’re taking online classes to become a lawyer or paralegal yourself or just have a lifelong interest in matters of the law, Twitter is a great tool for keeping up with the latest news and events in the legal world. Here are 100 feeds you can’t miss if you want to stay in-the-know about lawyers, law firms, legal books and more.


These lawyers maintain great feeds with news about the law and their own personal work.

  1. @LauraLeeSparks: This feed is great for lawyers who are looking for ways to bring more clients into their business.
  2. @LandUseAttorney: Find out more about environmental and law use law from attorney Andrew Svitek on this feed.
  3. @adriandayton: Read through this feed for posts on marketing, law and more from Adrian Dayton.
  4. @legalbear: Lawyer Barry Smith offers insights into his life and to marketing and legal issues as well through this site.
  5. @nikiblack: Niki Black posts loads of information about social media and works as an author and criminal lawyer.
  6. @carolynelefant: Check out this feed for tweets from DC lawyer Carolyn.
  7. @bitterlawyer: Lawyers and law students will find funny posts about working in the legal side of entertainment here.
  8. @MarshallRIssacs: If you’re interested in working in business law, find out more information about the field here.
  9. @JimPattillo: This feed focuses on civil litigation, insurance and medical malpractice.
  10. @BarretDavid: Find out more about this tech-savvy lawyer’s business litigation practice, as well as LinkedIn as a networking tool from this feed.
  11. @BrettTrout: This lawyer and author tweets about legal issues related to technology as well as patent law.
  12. @kevinhouchin: Read more about Attorney Kevin Houchin’s law practice and life here.
  13. @twitting_lawyer: This lawyer offers a wide range of links to legal news about personal freedoms, social media and marketing on this blog.
  14. @taxgirl: Check out this feed for posts from a Philadelphia-based tax lawyer.
  15. @RonChapman: This feed is full of links to criminal law news.
  16. @davidr: Here you’ll find a lawyer who embraces his geekiness and posts about a wide range of topics.
  17. @lindsaylevine: Learn more about IP/Media law as well as following the latest news stories through this feed.
  18. @internetcases: Attorney Evan Brown shares thoughts about his work and life through this feed.

Law Firms and Legal Business

Find out more about big law firms and how to build a legal business from these feeds.

  1. @ChrisLevinson: Here you can read posts from the Administrator for the law offices of Masry Vititoe, the firm in the film Erin Brokovich.
  2. @StephenFairly: This Twitterer is the CEO of the largest legal marketing firm and offers some great advice for firms looking to expand.
  3. @FranchisingLaw: Learn more about franchising law from the Duell Law Firm via this feed.
  4. @AttorneySEO: This feed will teach you how to better use search engine optimization to bring in more business to your firm.
  5. @Legal_Marketing: If you own or are part of a law firm that needs some marketing help, make sure to follow this feed.
  6. @netlawmedia: This feed can be a great place to read legal news from around the world.
  7. @lexingtonlaw: Here you’ll find posts from a consumer advocacy law firm in Utah.
  8. @SmallFirm: Those working in small law firms will find some valuable advice here.
  9. @JDJournal: Check out this feed for legal and law firm news.
  10. @stevematthews: On this feed you’ll hear from Stern Legal and read posts about SEO, law libraries and more.

Law Librarians

These librarian feeds will let you know more about the law library world.

  1. @glambert: Greg Lambert is a law librarian at BigLaw, and provides tweets about his litigation research on this feed.
  2. @atweber: This feed is home to Andrew Weber, an employee of the Library of Congress, and you can find loads of posts about the latest legal issues and publications through his tweets.
  3. @brianlbaker: This experienced law librarian tweets often about social media in the library world.
  4. @conniecrosby: Those who want a foreign perspective on the law can read this feed by Canadian law librarian Connie Crosby.
  5. @ecarr42: Working at the Law Library of Congress, Emily Carr offers tweets about the inner workings of the library there.
  6. @jeiseman: Find out more about the Emerging Technologies Department at Yale Law Library through this feed.
  7. @ewayne: Try out this feed for more information on legal research from Erika Wayne.
  8. @sglassmeyer: This feed offers tweets on everything from social media to litigation research from expert Sarah Glassmeyer.
  9. @aabibliographer: Michelle Pearse at Open Access Initiatives at the Harvard Law Library links to articles about law litigation around the world on her feed.
  10. @iOverlord: Find out more about law libraries across the pond from this British feed written by librarian Scott Vine.
  11. @stevematthews: This former law librarian now focuses on social media, which can be a great asset to those still working in the field or to new lawyers.
  12. @pcbrannon: Based out of Georgia, librarian Pam Brannon shares her expertise in legal research here.
  13. @griffey: Working at the Law Library at the University of Tennessee, this Twitterer shares his thoughts on tech, higher ed and more on this feed.
  14. @mak506: This feed offers readers the chance to see into the life of a law librarian working in Boston.
  15. @RKaiser: Written by Rita Kaiser, this feed offers posts on technology , politics and legal news.


Find out what it really takes to be a paralegal from these feeds.

  1. @voiceofandrea: Andrea Michele offers career advice and more for young paralegals on this feed.
  2. @ExpertParalegal: Learn more about the paralegal field from expert Lynne DeVenny here.
  3. @paralegalslo: Written by a paralegal professor, you’ll find a great number of resources on working and learning in this field from this feed.
  4. @Paralegalteach: Here you’ll be able to get advice and information from an Ohio-based paralegal educator.
  5. @VickiVoisin: Vicki Voisin in a paralegal mentor, speaker and author who offers helpful advice through her feed.
  6. @donnafryer: If you’re interested in continuing education as a lawyer or paralegal, check out this feed for information.
  7. @AmyParalegal7: This paralegal shares her expertise on litigation, law, e-discovery and more, with links to valuable news articles.
  8. @DigiParalegal: Learn more about working as a digital paralegal from this feed.
  9. @cdcparalegal: Did you know that you could work as a paralegal without leaving your home? This feed will show you how.
  10. @TheWriteShadow: Here you’ll find posts from a woman working as a virtual paralegal.
  11. @TMParalegal: Find updates on the legal field from a trademark paralegal here.

Legal Bloggers

These legal bloggers have their own feeds where they share stories and articles with followers.

  1. @overlaywered: This long-running law blog posts links to their best articles via this feed.
  2. @davidlat: Blogger and lawyer David Lat shares his insights into the NY legal world here.
  3. @kevinikeefe: Find all kinds of tweets on law and technology on this feed.
  4. @WSJLawBlog: Keep up with the best posts from the Wall Street Journal blog on this feed.
  5. @DailyLawBlog: Between this feed and the blog it supports you’re sure to stay in the loop about the latest law news.
  6. @lawblog: Find links to the latest law news on this feed.
  7. @medlawblog: Those with an interest in the legal aspects of the medical field can find a wealth of great resources and reading material here.
  8. @EstateUpdate: Use this feed to learn more about providing advice to estate planning clients.
  9. @OneSpot_Law: This feed brings together the best news stories from legal sites around the web.
  10. @LexMonitor: Follow this feed to get legal news and commentary from LexBlog.


Keep up with the latest legal news using these feeds.

  1. @ABAJournal: Find updates from this legal magazine and website through this feed.
  2. @Legal_Times: Lobbyists can keep up with their field through the news posts about litigation on this feed.
  3. @Legal_News: Check out this feed for the latest news on court filings and big legal cases.
  4. @Legal_Alerts: Make sure you’re staying on top of the legal field by following this news feed.
  5. @thelegalintel: Students and new legal professionals can find a wealth of posts on the profession through this feed.
  6. @BeatTheBar: If you’re a law student preparing to take the Bar Exam, get some tips on how to perform better through this feed’s advice.
  7. @legalsearchpl: Legal Search plus is maintained by Stanford Law Professors and offers links to news, litigation, reading material and more.
  8. @completelawyer: Through this feed you can get links to articles on professionalism and quality of life for lawyers.
  9. @RealLawyer: Keep up with law and technology news through this feed.
  10. @LawyerWorld: Check back with this feed regularly to read interesting stories on the legal world.

Professors and Academics

These professors and scholars are training the next generation of legal professionals.

  1. @ciprof: Read this feed for posts about social science and justice from a professor who’s seen the field from both an academic and criminal justice standpoint.
  2. @pbfriedman: Learn more about corporate law and law theory from Professor Peter Friedman here.
  3. @dicthomson: A professor at the Denver College of Law and author of a book on the technological aspects of law education maintains this great feed.
  4. @colmmu: Get some helpful career advice and legal news from Professor John Harman here.
  5. @psecundaWrkPrf: Based out of Marquette Law School, this professor tweets about labor and employment law.
  6. @mcrispinmiller: Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of media studies at NYU, follows the latest news in politics and law through this feed.
  7. @Nechlaw: Immigration is a hot button issue right now and you can follow along with the legal aspects from immigration lawyer and professor John Nechman here.
  8. @rcalo: Learn more about the technology, the law and more from Ryan Calo at the Center for Internet and Society.
  9. @joeleisen: Go green with your law information by following this feed from environmental and energy law professor Joel Eisen.
  10. @gbarzil: University of Washington professor Gad Barzilai tweets here about law, poli sci and international relations.
  11. @CyndeeLaw: Canadian international trade lawyer Cyndee Todgham shares her expertise on issues like NAFTA and trade law here.
  12. @thepublicdomain: Through this feed from Professor James Boyle you’ll be able to learn more about public domain and copyright issues.
  13. @jaime_markham: Visit this feed for information on criminal law.
  14. @commcounsel: Mark Weaver is a media law attorney and a professor. On his feed you’ll find tweets about the legal issues that surround media like the web as well as useful tips for law students.

Law Schools

Follow these law schools to hear about events and news on campus.

  1. @harvard_law: Check out this feed to learn more about events, lectures and research being done at this Ivy League school.
  2. @stanfordlaw: This school has a world-renowned law program that you can learn more about through this feed.
  3. @uchicagolaw: Find out more about the events being held at this Chicago school’s law school from this feed.
  4. @nyulaw: Follow this feed to learn more about school events, legal news and happenings in the New York area.
  5. @mulaw: Based in Milwaukee, this school’s feed is an excellent place to educate yourself about school events and new technologies in the legal world.
  6. @georgetownlaw: Georgetown Law Center posts tweets about their events and speakers on this feed.
  7. @dpulaw: Through this feed you can find out more about DePaul’s law school.
  8. @CornellLaw: Find tweets about professors, events, applications and more on this law school feed.
  9. @JMLS_Chicago: The John Marshall Law School in Chicago has a long history of legal education and is continuing educating students both on campus and through their Twitter feed.
  10. @wlulaw: The small W&L Law School in Virginia posts news about the legal field and the school itself on this feed.
  11. @yalelawlibrary: This prestigious law school also maintains a great legal library. On their feed you’ll find news and even a few posts about rare books and documents.
  12. @BaylorLawSchool: Current and prospective students alike can keep up with Baylor’s Law School here.